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No Limits, Inc.

Your history is not your destiny.

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More than 900 former inmates return home every month in the state of Alaska.

No Limits Inc. has been providing supportive housing services and necessary resources to previously incarcerated individuals and citizens facing homelessness in the Fairbanks area since 2014.

No Limits, Inc.

our mission

No Limits, Inc. 501 (c)(3) is a nonprofit organization located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our mission is to provide resettlement services to the marginalized and disadvantaged for successful transition from dependence on society to independence with the support and resources they need to transform their lives.

our values

equality          inclusivity          discipline          accountability          commitment

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who we serve

No Limits target population is men and women who have recently been released from the jurisdiction of Alaska’s Criminal Justice System, who have a history of chemical dependence that has repeatedly impeded their abilities to create stable living situations for themselves and for their families.

what we offer

No Limits provides numerous supportive housing and reentry services to the Fairbanks community.

We are actively developing programs for the purpose of expanding opportunities that enrich the lives of individuals, communities and our society. Please click here to see our list of available services.

Our Community Partners

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