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Our Services

Housing Services

Reentry Housing

We offer temporary supportive housing for reentering individuals and those experiencing homelessness. Housing includes room, board, supportive programming, and treatment. 

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Supportive Housing

We offer 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments for individuals who have difficulty obtaining housing. 

Please click here for more information about our permanent supportive housing options.

Warming Center

We offer an open door warming center to anyone who needs it. We have food, warm clothing, and access to community resources available.

Click here for more information about our warming center.

Vocational Services

Social Enterprises

For individuals in our housing programs, No Limits provides a number of job opportunities and training. We provide local moving services, snow and ice removal, and others!

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Employment Services

For individuals seeking outside employment, No Limits staff assists with job acquisition, including resume assistance, interview skills, and referrals to employment agencies.  

Supportive Education

No Limits provides access to educational materials and programs. We can help individuals obtain a GED, find appropriate vocational training, and engage in adult literacy courses.

Support Services

Veteran's Services
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No Limits provides support services to veterans, particularly those experiencing housing crises, mental health or substance abuse difficulties, or are having difficulty with obtaining services though the VA.

Criminal Justice Assistance
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No Limits staff is available to help reentering individuals successfully navigate life post release, including reinstitution of voting rights, assistance with parole and probation services, and advocacy.

Peer Mentoring
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No Limits faculty serve as peer mentors to individuals in the reentry program. Employees of No Limits have successfully reentered and are integral in assisting newly reentering people navigate the system.

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No Limits staff supports reentering and individuals experiencing homelessness with a number of social services, including acquisition of personal documents, referrals to treatments, and connection to appropriate resources.

Support Groups
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Through the Reentry program, No Limits staff conduct alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and reentry support groups to increase self-esteem and sense of community. 

Spiritual Guidance
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We offer faith-based solutions and services through our reentry program for individuals looking for a supportive religious community. 

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